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      • To succeed in marathoning you must master the symbiotic relationship between physical resilience and mental agility.  


        You need to train your mental strength as much as you train your physical endurance. 


        The Half Marathon Code is purposefully designed to help you navigate the journey to completing a half marathon.


        We decode running into six core principles that will equip you to feel and perform like an athlete without sacrificing your well-being.

        • Develop the optimal mindset to empower you to surmount physical and mental obstacles.
        • Commit to a 16-week training plan that uses Heart Zones to ensure highly effective training.

        • Train smarter, not harder. Harness running longevity by prioritising efficient training practices. 

        • Make your marathon prep go the extra mile with a supportive running community. 

        • Maximise your training and stay injury-free with easy and proven recovery tips.  

        • Shatter race day nerves and bypass beginner pitfalls with expert race day advice.

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